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Grow a School

Plant a Tree, Grow a School

Our mission is to reforest small pockets of native Irish woodland and raise funds for our school. These woodlands will become arks for wildlife, be left to grow for posterity and do all the amazing things that trees and woodlands do.

Be the Change

“If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches on the same tree.”~ W. B. Yeats

We are planting and planning for the future – help us to plant native trees and take part in supporting both our future biodiversity and our growing school.

When you Plant a Tree with West Cork Sudbury School (WCSS), all you have to do is make a purchase – the School’s students and staff will plant your tree for you in newly managed areas in West Cork where the landscape was once thick with woodland.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is easy at only €10 a tree across the board.

With your donation, WCSS will plant the trees for you. All proceeds are in aid of WCSS and Ireland’s re-forestation. You are helping WCSS and the environment. Find more details and subscription options in our Plant a Tree section.

Plant a Tree

  • One or more native Irish trees
  • We will plant the trees for you
  • A raffle ticket for each tree
  • Receive your eCert within minutes
  • Thank You!

Plant 10 Trees

  • Ten native Irish trees
  • We will plant the trees for you
  • Ten raffle tickets
  • Receive your eCert within minutes
  • Thank You!

Plant a Grove

  • Fifty native Irish tress
  • We will plant the trees for you
  • Fifty raffle tickets
  • Receive your eCert within minutes
  • Thank You!

Being the Change

Plant a Tree

We are passionate about the environment – and planting hope.

Our trees, which are fully donated by Future Forests, will be hand-picked to suit each planting site – all native species, in as diverse a range as possible.

These trees will be left to grow for posterity. Your trees will become part of a network of diverse woodlands, and havens for wildlife.

Arks to support all life.

Grow a School

We are passionate about education, democracy and self-directed learning.

We are part of a movement towards a very different model of education, where students have an equal part in the democratic running of the school itself and where they decide what, when and how they learn.

As your tree grows, it will enable WCSS to also to grow to its fullest potential, fulfilling the schools green ethic and supporting the environment.

Join Us Virtually

Join us on our first planting day with students, parents and staff from the school – and Mattie from Future Forests. Learn all about the school and project – and be inspired!

Big thanks go out to Chris Garrett of Draoichta Productions for creating this fantabulous video.